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When CoachingWorks began working with this two-family business, they were successful in spite of themselves. The tensions between siblings, generations and the two families were a constant undercurrent resulting from "undiscussables" that had been held as taboo since the company's beginnings half a century before. As the president told us, "You didn't solve our problems. What you did was enable us to tell each other the truth so we could solve them ourselves."

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In seventeen years, this marketing and advertising company owner evolved from a solopreneur focused on her local market to a nationally sought speaker for environmental organizations and marketing expert for some of the largest environmental and utilities companies in the nation. Through coaching, she has become more than an accomplished businesswoman; she has honed her skills in developing her employees and calling forth their best.

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First, as a financial planner and investment advisor, he engaged us to facilitate a staff retreat as well as provide executive coaching. Through understanding not only the owner but his whole team and company culture as well, we guided him through exploring ways to free himself up from the day-to-day, operational duties he was swamped by, and get back in touch with why he started his company. His entrepreneurial spirit soared and he has formed a second and very different company as the creative strategist.

clients are saying...

“ Sharon is an intelligent, compassionate and incredibly insightful coach. Our work together has produced fundamental changes in the way I view and approach difficult situations and has resulted in less stress and tremendous success. Sharon has made a huge impact on the success of my two companies. Working with Sharon has been and continues to be one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made.”
Greg Friedman, MS, CFPO®
Owner, Friedman & Associates, Marin County, CA
President, CRM-Junxure, Raleigh, NC
Winner of the Charles Schwab Institution prestigious IMPACT Awards®
"My work with Sharon has been nothing less than transformational. She pushes me past my limitations and blind spots in a way that is subtle yet powerful, helps me remember what I said I wanted and holds me to [it]. This clarity around my vision, affirmation of my accomplishments and accountability to my goals is priceless beyond measure. Her support has been invaluable to the growth of my business and the quality of my life. "
Kathy S. Parks, CFPO® CRPFO®
Owner, Greenbrier Capital Management, Inc., Knoxville , TN
"In 1999, I needed to [build] teamwork relationships among our three employees and myself. That first retreat [with John & Sharon] completely changed the nature of my business. I saw the critically important things I needed to do to clearly communicate the mission and vision I have for my business. The [follow-up] three-month executive coaching engagement turned into 2 ½ years. [Sharon & John] have been excellent facilitators for positive changes in my business."
J. David Lewis , MBA
President, Resource Advisory Services, Inc., Knoxville , TN
“Sharon has been instrumental in helping our firm successfully navigate through numerous transitions. She is a valued business counselor, kindly and persistently keeping us focused on the things that matter. Over and over again, her wisdom has helped us "see the obvious" in our practice. Sharon is a wonderful human being and an integral part of our success.”
Giles Almond, , CPA/PFS. CFP®, CIMA®
President, Matrix Wealth Management, Advisors, Inc., Charlotte, NC
“Sharon has been my executive coach for over 10 years, and I know, unequivocally, that my company would not have succeeded the way it has without her. She helps me see the forest for the trees, reminds me what I'm really going for when I forget and gets me back on track when I run aground. If you're willing to really be seen and supported, and held accountable to your own goals, Sharon's the best there is.”
Suzanne Shelton
Chief Executive, The Shelton Group, Inc.
Knoxville, TN
“Sharon is a wise and experienced business coach who has amazing insight. Her easy-going manner, patience, and encouragement create a warm space for growth and personal development for her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone wishing to get unstuck and move forward.”
Sandy Rees, CFRE®
Owner , Sandy Rees Fundraising Coaching
Knoxville, TN
“In the ever-growing coaching market that has become crowded in the last decade, there are a variety of coaches with an array of gifts. But, very few can match the depth of mastery that Sharon Hoover possesses. Sharon ’s experience runs as deep as her accreditation. She has been highly honed under skilled trainers and by working with diverse clients across the globe. Bottom-line she’s very, very skilled helping clients clarify what they want, create plans to get there, and develop the support needed to transcend the pesky obstacles that undoubtedly creep in along the way. Her core sense of personal integrity offers a security and trust through this sometimes obtuse process. She is as lovely as she is strong. You can’t find a better partner to accompany you. Don’t miss this stellar woman’s offering. It is huge. Don’t miss this kind of partnered friendship. It is transformational.”
J. Gregory Barton
Creative Head, Britt+Barton
Washington, DC