Be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

Executive Coaching

Business leaders are stressed, struggling to prouce profits while facing people problems and simply having too much to do.
   The quality of the relationship and the conversation is key to Coachingworks' rich and action-focused executive coaching process. We focus on the client's personality and communication style, clear out the tolerations that clog energy and dampen passion, and create a compelling vision. We know our clients possess all the resources necessary for success. Our work is to bring those resources forward, refine them and identify and remove obstacles to their full and successful use. With bold and compassionate feedback, our clients take full ownership for their companies' results, both successes and failures each session ends with clear actions for moving forward.

Executive Coaching may include:

  • Assessments of leadership, personality, and/or communication style
  • Future visioning
  • Strategic planning
  • Communication, both listening and speaking, with employees, customers & peers
  • Effective employee performance evalutation reviews and effective feedback

Leadership and Team Retreats

In one- and two-day retreats, our clients focus on the interactions and dynamics among their top leaders or within their full staff. Clients learn our creative models and techniques as well as those of experts in the fields of leadership, teamwork and personal development,
designing customized and interactive group experiences. Off-site retreats give our clients the luxury of getting away from day-to-day issues and urgencies, broaden their points of view, and gain new perspectives and insights into their real dreams as well as what is holding them back, as individuals and as a group. They leave with a plan for what to do about it.

Leadership & Team Retreats
may include:

  • Assessments of personal style and/or culture
  • Increasing understanding of individual differences
  • Improving mutual acceptance and respect
  • Developing team effectiveness
  • Defining and creating commitment to key goals and results
  • Enhancing communication skills

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of any and every relationship in a normal and natural dynamic borne of the reality that no two people can ever see the same thing in the same way. Differences lead to disagreement; disagreement leads to. We first meet with the parties individually and develop a picture of the presenting issues and concerns. Then the parties come together in a safe, neutral environment, and talk through their conflict with our expert guidance. Each party learns to listen for understanding and to speak honestly and respectfully.

Conflict Resolution may include:

  • Assessments of personality and/or conflict style
  • Skills in truth-telling and respectful listening
  • Understanding and acceptance of individual differences